"They were in love. They are in love." One Shot

Title: A Familiar Face 
Characters: House/Cuddy/Rachel and mentions of Wilson 
Rating: PG 
Summary: Another possible way House and Cuddy could reconcile, but told through the eyes of Rachel Cuddy. Set when Rachel is about 13, so like 10 years-ish into the future. 
Author's Note: Well in the midst of some intense writing block for my fic What Happens in Vegas, I had a great idea for a one shot.  Sound off below or review on FF. Much love to all J

Rachel Cuddy was upstairs in her room working on homework. She groaned when she reached the wrong answer for the third straight time on a math problem. It was frustrating. She was smart. She knew she could get the answer, but it wasn’t coming.  She decided to ask her mom for help, but as she opened her door to call out for her mother, Rachel heard her mother’s familiar cell phone ringtone and closed her door again. 

Rachel knew not to bother her mother when her cell phone rang.  Cuddy had always been busy for as long as she could remember; after all, a Dean of Medicine at Boston General was a busy job. Rachel understood that, and she in most cases didn’t mind coming home to an empty townhome after school, or not having her there at a soccer game.  Rachel was an independent person, just like her mother.  She could get by on her own, and functioned better that way, rather than having someone micromanage her.  This was exactly why Rachel and her mother had such a great relationship.  Rachel sent her texts during the day and had usually finished her homework by the time she got home, so they could talk then too.  It shouldn’t have worked the way it was, but it did.  They were happy. 

She heard her mom yelling on the phone to Wilson, who was like an uncle to Rachel and no doubt Cuddy’s best friend. Rachel never understood why the two didn’t get together. Neither dated anyone else.  In fact, her mom hadn’t ever really had a romantic interest that Rachel could remember.  There might have been a few first dates, even less seconds, and a rare third here and there, but she never seemed to bring anyone home.  Whenever Rachel asked about it, Cuddy simply replied she hadn’t found the right person. 

“What?” Cuddy yelled.  “Wilson, we made this clear years ago.  I’m not seeing him.  How did he even find out?”

Rachel wandered out of her room to the top of the stairs where she looked down below and saw Cuddy in the foyer, pacing back and forth.  Not seeing who?  Rachel thought. 

“Well when did he leave?” Cuddy asked.  “Ugh…so that’s like three hours from now. Well don’t  tell him that I’m going to leave for the next few nights then.  Maybe he’ll think he got the address wrong or something.”

Leave for a few nights? So we are running away now? Who is this guy?

Rachel got up from the stairwell and went back to her room. 

A few minutes later her mother came up to her room.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” Rachel replied.

“Listen…we’re going to go to New York City for a few days for a conference.  Wilson will be there.  We’re leaving tonight though,” Cuddy said.

Based on what she’d heard a few minutes prior, Rachel knew her mom was lying. 

“No you don’t,” Rachel said flatly.  She could tell Cuddy was surprised. “Who are we running away from? Who’ve we been hiding from for ‘years’?”

“Rachel, it’s complicated,” Cuddy said. “Can we please just go?”

“Well, you are going to have to pack my bag for me unless you tell me about this guy. Why is he so horrible?” 

Rachel was baffled about how closed off her mother was being. 

“He’s not horrible.” Cuddy looked contemplative.  “Well, he wasn’t horrible-- or maybe he was. Again, it’s complicated.”

“Why don’t you want to see him?”  Rachel was not going to let this go.

“There’s… history.”


“We knew each other for a long time.”

“Why don’t you anymore?”

“And again, I bring myself back to a familiar answer.  It’s complicated.”

Rachel looked at her mother.  She could tell that Cuddy was pretty frazzled, and clearly not ready to see this guy. So, Rachel got up and went into her closet and got a bag. 

“So what am I bringing to the NYC?” Rachel asked.

“Thank you,” Cuddy said with a big sigh of relief.

Cuddy kissed her on the forehead, and walked downstairs.

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang.  Rachel didn’t hear her mother walking towards the door to answer it so Rachel walked out of her room.  As she was walking down the steps, she heard a loud, repetitive knocking on the door.  It couldn’t have come from a hand on the door.  As Rachel was about to walk into the foyer to answer the door, she was grabbed on the arm by her mother and pulled into the kitchen.

“Oh my God, Mom, what?”  Rachel said loudly.

“Shh!” Cuddy said. “That’s him.”

“Already? I thought we had a few hours?”

“Yeah, me too. Go back upstairs and get your bag and we’ll go out the back.”

“Mom, nom” Rachel said.  This had gone far enough. “Look at yourself.  You’re hiding in the kitchen from a guy you have a ‘history’ with who obviously just has something to tell you.  You are stronger than running out the back door.  I’ll go upstairs, but I’m not getting my bag, and we’re not leaving. Just answer it.”

Cuddy nodded.  Rachel could sense the shock in her eyes of the whole situation.  Rachel looked up to her mother and didn’t want to see her so weak. She knew her mom was stronger than that.

Rachel walked up the stairs.  But she did not go into her room.  No way was she going to miss this.  She wanted to know what all the fuss was about this guy so she sat at the top of the stairs where she could see the foyer.

She saw her mother inhale a large breath and open the door to cease the incessant knocking.

The door opened and Rachel saw an older man, late 50s or early 60s, certainly older than her mother, with ragged facial appearances.  His facial hair was thicker than average, his salt and pepper hair was thinning, but still covered his head.  His face, specifically his eyes looked tired, like he had had a long trip, or maybe just a long life.  The knock, she noticed, had come from the cane in his hand.

Even though she didn’t even know his name, he gave Rachel a feeling of familiarity.  As if, because he had been such a large part of her mother’s life, that maybe he had somehow been a part of hers as well.  Rachel’s life was affected by the obvious dent that had been left in her mom’s life by this man, so it felt like he had left something missing from hers as well. 

Rachel was a bit surprised by the matter of fact tone he had when conversing with Cuddy.

“Long time no see,” the man said brightly.  He walked into the house without invitation and leaned against a wall, holding his cane with both hands in front of him.

“House, what the hell?” Rachel heard her mother ask.

His name is House? House….why does that sound so familiar?

“Well, I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d say hello,” House said. 

What was this guy’s deal? He shows up late at night unwanted and unexpected and decides to be casual?  No wonder Mom wanted to avoid him.

“Oh knock it off.  You’re here for a reason.  Tell me or get out now.”

Rachel noticed a change in her mother’s body language as she conversed with this guy.  She stood taller, like there was something to show or prove to him.  She stood like she wanted him to know she was in control of their conversation and their current relationship.  But, somehow Rachel thought maybe House was the one who had controlled their past.

House’s hardy exterior expression changed to something more sentimental. He took a few steps closer and Cuddy looked taken back.

“I just…missed you,” House said.  “More than usual.”

Awww that was nice.  I bet that was hard for him to say.

Still Cuddy remained closed off, like she was fighting to relinquish control.

Okay jeeze, Mom. Robot much? The poor guy drove four hours to say he missed you. You could at least smile.

Cuddy turned to walk away from him, but House stopped  her when he said “I’ve cleaned up since we last saw each other.”

Cuddy turned around slowly.

Mom looks pissed.

“Oh, let’s see that would be when you ran a car into my house, threatening the lives of innocent people, and prompting me to take my daughter 4 hours away, right?”

He ran the car into the house? Guess that’s why she hates him. Must’ve been when we lived in Princeton.

Rachel had only slight memories of that house.  She remembered little things, like yellow walls and lots of books.

“Yeah, that’d be the last time I saw you,” House said. He remained heartfelt despite the cold delivery of Cuddy’s remark.  He limped closer to her.  “I’m off the vicodin.  For real this time, I think. Been 9 years and not a single pill.”

He was a druggy too? This guy has got problems.  But Mom feeds off needy…just like Wilson. I wonder if Wilson knows this guy.

“You think saying you’re drug free will erase everything?” Cuddy asked. 

“No,” House replied, stepping closer.

Could they get any closer to each other? He might as well be standing on her toes.

“But, I thought that in combination with the fact that it’s been like 10 years, we might be able to turn a small corner towards some sort of relationship.  Not sexual of course, just something involving communication.”

Cuddy’s strong exterior melted away.  Her face turned more sympathetic.

“You want to work on communication? Well, I guess you have cleaned up a bit,” Cuddy replied. 

And for the first time, since House had walked through the door, Cuddy smiled, and Rachel knew.

Oh. My. God. They were in love.  They are in love, still.  I know this guy! I remember this guy!

It was from that one smile Rachel remembered House.  She realized why he seemed familiar.  He had been with her mother for a short time.  He played with her and when they were together, Cuddy smiled, just like she was now. 

Rachel had not seen her mother ever smile like this since they had been in Boston. She understood why there had been no other men in her life since. 

Somehow, Rachel knew that this man was supposed to be in both of their lives.  He played an important role in some way or another.  Her mother’s true happiness centered around him, which indirectly affected her own happiness.

House returned the smile. “So is that a yes?”

“Yes,” Cuddy said softly. 

Then he gave her a small kiss.  Not so much romantic, but almost as a way to show he was serious about being here.

“So is she here?” House asked.

Who? Is who here?

“Yes,” Cuddy said reluctantly. “I’m not sure if I’m ready for you to see her yet.”

Me? Mom, who cares if you’re ready! I want to see this guy!

House looked disappointed.

“Did she turn out okay? Is she the star pupil you wanted her to be?” House asked. 

“She’s perfect,” Cuddy said.  “And one day you will get to see her.  But tonight, it’s too much.”

No it’s not too much. That’s it! I’m going down there!

Rachel marched down the stairs, and House and Cuddy turned around to see her. 

“No, Mom. Let’s just get it all out in the open tonight,” Rachel chimed in.

Cuddy looked shocked.  House smiled though.

Rachel turned to House.  He was much taller up close.

“So you’re in love with my mom?”

“Rachel!” Cuddy scolded.

“Oh, I was only being polite. It’s painfully obvious, but I’d thought I’d ask anyway.”

“She’s definitely a Cuddy,” House said.

Rachel was slightly unsure of what to say or do next, so she did what she thought her mother might do.

She extended her hand to House and simply said “Nice to see you again.”

House looked at her mother, then shook her hand and replied genuinely “Likewise.”

The End. 

S.S. Huddy.


A.N.: I wrote this inspired by a song called Broken by S. Carey. These are the lyrics:

"Stones on weathered shores. You were the one. I will always be there. Wrap your loving arms around my doubt. I am tired of that .This won't get broken. Home on our front porch.  All broken down I will always be there. Rest your weary head. Dismiss your doubt. I will always be there. This won't get broken."

The song is just so great for them even the music just sums them up.  I hope you listen to the song.

Cuddy was driving home from the hospital after a long day of work, thinking about how she always referred to it now as “the hospital” rather than “her hospital.”   Since she had left PPTH and took over as Dean of Medicine at Boston General, things had been much different. The fact that BG ran so smoothly gave her no feelings of control.

 Even though Princeton Plainsboro had been hectic (and mostly because of House), she felt in control because she felt needed.  That hospital needed her, or at least she thought it did while she was there.  She handed a letter to the board two days after the accident and didn’t look back.  She had not even been within 20 miles of that hospital since she left. She hadn’t read anything about it falling apart, so she assumed it was still running and successful.  So maybe she hadn’t been as needed. 

Cuddy had grown and changed as a doctor, mother, and as a person since House’s stunt two years prior.  She learned that there was more to life than work.  Or maybe just more to life than House.  His absence had first given her a feeling of emptiness.  It was like it was harder to get up in the morning because there wasn’t a motivation to go to work.  She couldn’t admit to herself that House had consumed her life to quite that extent, but her position in Boston was nothing but a job.  A way to provide for her and Rachel .  But as time passed, she made friends, grew closer to her sister (but only because Julia agreed not to set Cuddy up on dates), and even developed a stronger friendship with Wilson. 

When Cuddy told Wilson she still wanted to be friends, she made it clear for him to never mention House.  And Wilson respected that. He never mentioned House to her. Cuddy had no idea if he was still in prison, if he had even made it to prison.  For all she knew, he could have manipulated his way out of it.  God knew he had done it a million times before.  

Cuddy’s muse was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her lap.  She looked down briefly to see that it was Wilson calling, and answered it.

“Hello,” Cuddy answered.

“Hey. It’s Wilson,” Wilson said.  “Listen, I have to tell you something I think you should know.”

His tone was serious.

“What is it?” Cuddy asked with caution.

“Well, it’s about House, he—“

“Wilson, I made it clear 2 years ago, I didn’t want to hear about him.  Don’t finish that sentence.”

“But, I think it’s something you should know. You know I wouldn’t bother you unless it was important.”

Cuddy remained silent for a moment.  She needed time to think. 

“I’m in the car,” Cuddy said a bit frazzled. “Let me think about it.  I’ll call you back when I get home.”

“Okay, bye,” Wilson responded.  And Cuddy hung up the phone. 

She took a deep breath as she began to process this.  The fact of the matter was Cuddy was scared.  Every way she examined this decision, her reasoning to turn the information away was out of fear.  Hearing his name alone put a crack in the dam holding back a flood of feelings.  To hear something about his condition could unleash emotions and feelings that had been building up and going crazy for two years now.  She wasn’t sure she could handle getting over him again.  But there was a part of her, that longed to know every detail of his life for the last two years.  And she was no coward.  She was a strong woman and could handle to hear something about House.  After all, it wasn’t like she was going to have to see him, touch him, breathe him.

So as she pulled into the driveway and exited from the car, Cuddy pulled out her blackberry and called Wilson back. 

He answered on the first ring.

“So what did you decide,” Wilson answered quickly.

“Just tell me,”  Cuddy said.

“Okay, I’m sorry.  You know I wouldn’t bother you unless I thought—“

“Spit it out, Wilson.”

“Right.” Wilson took a deep breath before continuing. “House was in an accident.”

With that statement, Cuddy felt like every organ in her body dropped to the floor.

“Is he okay?” She asked, trying not to let her voice to crack.  It was a stupid question.  Wilson wouldn’t have bothered her if he was just a little banged up.

“Well he’s stable, but his condition is critical,”  Wilson said. 

“When? When did this happen?”  Cuddy asked.

“This afternoon, leaving work.”

Cuddy hadn’t taken her coat off or put her keys down. She was just standing in her foyer.  She turned around and walked out the front door towards her car.

“I’m on my way,” she said after locking the front door.

“Cuddy, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Wilson asked hesitantly.

“You wouldn’t have told me this if it wasn’t serious.”

“But are you ready to see him?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not going to not come, have him die, and then be racked with even more guilt and regret than I already have now,” Cuddy said as she started the car.  “I’ll call you when I am close.”

“Do you want me to tell him you’re coming?”  Wilson asked.

“No. I’m not sure I’m going to go into the room yet,” Cuddy responded and hung up.

As she headed towards the interstate, she called her sister.  She lied to Julia and told her there was a major emergency at work and that she needed her to pick up Rachel from the nanny and watch her.  Cuddy knew it was wrong, but was in no mood and had no time to get a lecture about “two steps forward and three steps back.”  Julia agreed and Cuddy told her that she would be back to pick her up tomorrow night. 

It was 7PM, and Cuddy tried to ignore the sound of her stomach growling.  It had been a particularly busy day at work and she had no time to eat lunch.  She dug for a granola bar. 

It was almost midnight by the time Cuddy pulled into the parking lot of PPTH.  Traffic had been a real bitch because of an accident. She had called Wilson about 10 minutes ago, who she could see was waiting for her in the main lobby. 

Cuddy took a deep breath and wiped away a tear about to fall from her eye.  This was all too sudden and a bit overwhelming.  She didn’t know what was going to happen when she finally saw House.  She wasn’t sure if she’d go into his room and speak to him.  Hopefully he’d be sleeping, so he wouldn’t know she was there.  She got out of the car and walked to the front door. 

“Hey,” Wilson said as he gave Cuddy a hug.

“Hey,” Cuddy responded.  She tried to remain strong because just being in this building made her feel like she should maintain a positive exterior, almost  like it was still “her” hospital.

People gave her strange looks as she walked towards the elevator.  They were in just as much shock as Cuddy was that she was actually in the building. Everyone knew House had been hurt, so Cuddy guessed that her appearance hear made it all the more dramatic.  She started to worry about what others would think, but remembered she no longer worked here.

Wilson and Cuddy headed to the ICU mostly in silence.  When the elevator door opened, Wilson looked at Cuddy and asked,

“You ready?”

“Not at all,” Cuddy responded as they walked out. 

Wilson led her to House’s room.  When she saw him it was like the dam inside her burst letting all her feelings and emotions enter into her body and overcome her.  He was asleep, or at least his eyes were closed.  She stood and looked while a few tears fell from her face.

“Do you want to go in?”  Wilson asked.

“Not yet,” Cuddy responded. “I need to get myself together. So don’t wake him up.”

“Okay, take your time.”

Cuddy nodded.  She looked at House.  She could do this.  She could see him.  She could talk to him.  She could be near him.

She didn’t know if she could reconcile.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to reconcile.  She would cross that bridge when it came, if it ever did.

He needed someone familiar there.  He looked worn and much older.  House was still as handsome as ever, but stress and pain and trouble had worn him down and it showed. 

So it was right then that she decided whether she loved him or hated him, she was going to walk into that room.  Cuddy may have hated him the last two years, but the fact is that whether she was in love or enraged, for over half her life he had been a huge part of it.  She didn’t want to miss this chance.

Cuddy took a deep breath, wiped her face, and prayed there wasn’t makeup running all over it.

“You idiot,” Cuddy blurted as she walked in.  It was word vomit.

House jumped awake and looked right at her.  He looked surprised.  Cuddy couldn’t tell whether he was happy for this surprise or angry. His expression changed after a few seconds and he replied cooly.

“I’ll have you know it was the driver of an 18 wheeler that was the idiot seeing as how he was the one who swerved into the right lane into me on my bike.” He replied.  He didn’t act as if she had been missing from his life, but like he saw her yesterday. 

“Well, I told you that bike was a death trap,” Cuddy said as she pulled a chair up next to his bed. “The thing is so small, no wonder the truck didn’t see you. And who the hell passes on the right?”

“People who are trying to pass idiot drivers going slow in the left lane.”

She couldn’t tell  if he had changed or if he was just numb. 

“How are you feeling?” Cuddy asked more seriously.

House looked away from her before responding, almost like he was trying to contain his shock that she was even here.

“Fine,” he said shortly. “I’m on morphine.”

Cuddy wanted to ask if he was still on vicodin, but then she rationalized that it didn’t matter. She would  leave here and return to her everyday life.

There were a few moments of awkward silence before House broke it.

“Cuddy, why are you here?”

“Wilson called. Told me you were critical. I didn’t want to regret not being here.”

“I destroyed your house, terrified you and your family, you would have nothing—“

“House, I’m here because we have been through half a life together.  I’m not trying to figure things out between us.  I’m not going to analyze every word and every feeling. I’m going to spend time you because you need me.  Because I need to be here. Because I’m supposed to be here. You are hurt, and when you’re hurt, I show up.  That’s how it’s been for almost 25 years, no sense changing now. “

House looked at her and smiled, but his facial expression quickly changed to a look of shock and pain.

“What? What is it?” Cuddy asked worriedly, instinctively grabbing his hand.

“Heart.” It was the only word he got in before his eyes rolled back in his head and his eyes shut.


Two nurses and Dr. Chase ran in along with Wilson.

“Wilson, get her out of here,” Chase said. Wilson nodded and turned to Cuddy.

“Let’s go,” he said, walking Cuddy out of the room. Cuddy moved hesitantly and kept looking at House, until Wilson turned her around and took her out of the room. As the doors shut and the blinds were drawn Cuddy heard “Charging. Clear.” Followed by the cardiac paddles. 

Cuddy sat down in the chair and put her face in her hands. But she didn’t cry.  She left the tears when she talked to House. She wasn’t going to cry over him.  He had caused enough tears.

Wilson sat down next to her and put his hand on her back.

“Just relax,” he said simply.

“I’m working on it,” Cuddy said as she took a deep breath and looked at  him.

Chase came out to the lobby. Wilson and Cuddy stood up.

“Hey Dr. Cuddy,” Chase said and gave her an awkward hug. 

“Hi Robert. What is going on with him?”

“I don’t think his heart is going to make it much longer,” Chase said. “That accident put it through a lot of  stress, that with his health and life choices is not going to be able to be healed.”

“Put him on the transplant list,” Cuddy said frantically.

“No, you can’t,” Wilson said no.  “He said he didn’t want any of that.”

“I don’t care what he wants Wilson.  You’re his proxy. You put him on the damn list,” Cuddy said.

“Cuddy, you don’t work here anymore.  I’m not your employee anymore.  I’m just your friend.  And House is my friend.  And I’m not going to go against him. He’s been through a lot.”

This was crushing news to Cuddy, but still she didn’t cry.  She wouldn’t cry. She would remain strong up until the end.  That’s what House needed was for her to be strong.  But she could be strong and be angry. So she walked back into his room twenty minutes later after he had settled down.

“How many vicodin have you been taking the last two years for you to become this stupid?” Cuddy yelled as the doors opened.

“Well you don’t like to enter this room without insulting my intelligence, do you?” House responded.

“You’re really not going to try?” 


“Why the hell not?”

“Because I don’t deserve it!” House yelled.

They were in silence for a moment but their eyes never looked away from the others.  House took a breath and continued.

“People need hearts every day. Good, decent people. People with loved ones.  People who have done good.  Not manipulative bastards like me, who have chased away the love of anyone who’s ever tried to give me a chance.”

Cuddy could just scream with anger. She knew he had done good in the world and for others.  Certainly he hadn’t done good for himself maybe, but in general he had done good. She hated him even more for being so stubborn which is when she came to a realization.

“Fine,” Cuddy said. “But don’t do it because of me. Because you think I don’t love you anymore.”

“I’m not putting my name on that list.  This is over. We are over. You are here.  You are with me and that’s as good as things are  ever going to get.  I want things to be over just like this,” House said sadly. 

He looked away and Cuddy came closer.  “You must hate me,” House said.  “I know you do, but I love you.  And I think there might be a part  of you that still loves me.”

Cuddy looked at him straight in the eyes. She took in every word.  She waited a moment before responding.  She thought about every time House had built her up and then struck her down with one quick quip or action.  And how he had drug her back into this vicious circle with a statement just like the one he had just said. She thought, she could end this and walk away or she could fall back into the same pattern that she had spent the last two years overcoming.

“House,” Cuddy started. “There is no part of me that still loves you.” He looked defeated. “Every part of me still loves you.”

“What?” House said.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned these last twenty-five years it’s that you could piss me off and I can hate you more and more. But no matter how much more I hate you, I don’t think I can love you any less.”  Cuddy paused a moment, smiled, and continued. “Trust me, I’ve tried.”

So Cuddy sat back down in the chair.  House reached for her hand.  He held it in his, and kissed her fingers.  His touch felt like it was meant for her.  Like no one else was supposed to touch her.  Like it wasn’t meant for anyone else but her.  Cuddy smiled and stood up.  She bent down to his face and gave him a tender kiss.  They both lingered. Then Cuddy sat back down and held is hand.

“Everything is going to be okay,” Cuddy said.

And after two hours of some sleep and the two of them together, Cuddy woke up as the sun was rising, and heard House’s heart monitor start to slow until the beep tone was long.

She looked up at him and he had been looking at her when his heart stopped.  It was over. She called Wilson in and got up from her chair and walked outside.  She grabbed her coat, headed towards the elevator, emotionally numb to what just happened.  Lingering in this hospital with Wilson would only bring more sadness and she wanted to leave here for the last time, leave House for the last time, with a good feeling, which he had brought her.

The End. 

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In this Moment Pt. 2


Lisa Cuddy awoke to the sight of the room she’d wanted to see for many years. She felt the embrace of a body she had wanted to feel. This satisfaction brought a smile to her face. She turned around to the opened eyes of Gregory House.  

“I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for 20 years,” House said. Cuddy smiled in agreement. When Cuddy started to sit up from the bed, House placed his hand on her shoulder, telling her not to get up. She kissed him tenderly on the lips. House felt like they were perfectly made for his. 

“I don’t want to either,” she responded to his gesture. “But it’s almost 7. I need to run home to get ready for work and pick up Rachel from my sister’s house.” Lucas had persuaded her sister to take Rachel so he could have a few nights when he proposed. House assumed correctly and chose not to take that any farther, which Cuddy picked up on, and easily continued speaking. 

“And you,” she continued. She looked at him with sexy smile. “You need to get ready for work too.”

“I don’t have a case this week, boss,” he said playfully. To which Cuddy responded, “You are right, but as I recall, you owe me clinic hours. And, who knows? Maybe something interesting might come in.” She was now almost fully dressed, while he was still lying in bed. Cuddy looked at him with another smile, and he playfully rolled his eyes. Her eyebrows rose. “I want you in exam room one by 9:00.”

“Okay, for you,” he responded.

“And actually seeing a patient,” she added. 

“Ugh. Okay.” 

There was a bit more aggravation in his voice this time but Cuddy was about to leave and wanted to sneak in a few lasting kisses. He got out of bed and headed to the closet for a spare cane. As he was exiting the bedroom, Cuddy was standing against the wall on the hallway holding one for him already. He limped to her, and snatched it from her hand quickly, hoping to catch her off guard, pulling her closer him. 

“Thanks,” he said simply but with sincerity. 

“You’re welcome.”

When House looked into her eyes, there was the same glimmer that had been there the night before when they shared their first kiss of the evening. 

House was close enough to Cuddy that he could set his cane against the wall she leaned against seductively. He put his hands softly on her cheeks, and kissed her. He was in control this time.

He ran his tongue softly against hers. He was determined to make each touch of the lips forceful and worth savoring. Cuddy brought her hand from his butt to their mouths to stop the kiss. 

“I’m sorry. I really need to get Rachel. I’ll be coming into exam room one at 9:00 sharp, and I expect to see a patient in there,” She laughed. They shared one last kiss and savory kiss. The door shut, and she was gone. 

House looked at the clock. Now it was 7:15. He began weighing his options. He could go back to bed, get up again at 8:15, and do just as she said. He could also go back to bed and not show up like she had told him only to get her reaction.   To know how she reprimands him in public given their new change in the relationship.   But he knew she was also prepared for either one of those choices so he made a third option because House loved the element of surprise.   He could NOT go back to bed, make a few phone calls, and be waiting in her parking space for her arrival promptly at 8:45 to take her away for the day. 

He decided on option three.   He called the hospital and informed them that Dr. Cuddy would not be coming in. Nurse Jeffrey was skeptical of the “emergency  all-day dental appointment” he made up for her. He didn’t bother to call in for himself because he knew that would be even more suspicious. Next, he made a phone call to Marina asking her to watch Rachel through the night. Marina needed no excuses just money. He looked at the clock again. 7:50. He was tired from last night and decided a bath would be better for the leg that day. As he got in, he remembered last night.   He soaked his leg for 10 minutes, thinking of better ways to spend the time in here. Then he bathed and got dressed for the day ahead. 

As he stepped outside, he realized he had almost forgotten the second helmet for Cuddy. When he went into the house for the helmet, he looked at the clock again. It read 8:25. He grabbed the helmet out of the same closet Cuddy had retrieved for him earlier that morning. He took a healthy dose of Ibuprofen and hopped onto his bike to head to Princeton Plainsboro. 

He checked the watch Kutner had given him in the parking lot, and it read 8:45. When he looked at the time, he realized that the pain he was used to feeling when he looked at that watch had dissipated. As he began to smile, his thought process was interrupted by a loud car honk and a confused face. House signaled to her to park in the empty space down the row. She rolled her eyes but went where she was directed. House met her there with his bike. 

Cuddy got out of the car saying, “What was that about? Trying to make me late?”

“No, I just think the staff will get suspicious when the Dr. Cuddy’s car is parked in her parking space.” Cuddy had the look on her face that said I’m not really following you here. So he continued, “I mean it would be weird since no one is expecting you in today.”

“And why is that?”

“ They are under the impression you have a ‘dentist appointment’.”

“But really…..”

“But really, your coming with me on my bike today. I have it all planned out.”

“House, I have meetings and paperwork to do.”

“Not anymore. Do you want to come with me or not Cuddy?”

 “Yes, but—“

“But nothing. We’re leaving. I have a lot planned for today.” House tossed her the helmet and she smiled and put it on. She kissed him passionately and hopped on the bike behind him.  

“You never cease to amaze me Dr. House,” she said. And they sped off together for a day they had always wanted and would always cherish.

In this Moment

“I love you,” she said. These were the words Gregory House had been longing to hear for the last 10 years.  

“I wish I didn’t,” she contradicted. His heart was now at his knees, but the happiness was soon restored when she added, “But I can’t help it.” 

He saw the smile in her eyes, and knew that this was the moment. House put his fists to ground in a weak attempt to stand. Cuddy recognized the struggle and lent a helping hand. There they stood. Together, in the most unromantic place, in the most unromantic circumstances, but neither of them cared. They both knew this was what their hearts had been yearning for all these years.  

House’s lips lightly caressed Cuddy’s, cherishing each movement. He felt the monster that had haunted him with temptation only moments ago in his hand, and pulled away. He looked into her eyes wondering if it was too good to be true. 

“How do I know I’m not hallucinating?” he asked. Cuddy gave a soft smile because in a way it was comforting to hear his concern. 

“Did you take the vicodin?” She replied, answering a question with a question. 

They both looked down at the two white ovals lying in his hand. “Nope,” he said with a positive tone in his soft voice. 

Their heads turned simultaneously to meet the others loving eyes. “Then I think we’re okay.” 

When House heard these words, he smiled. He felt happier than ever before. He felt her hand lightly on his chest and his lightly on her waist. The way it was meant to be. 

“Yeah,” He responded with the smile still instilled on his face. He dropped the two demons that had fought for so long to keep him in misery from his hand. Cuddy’s smile widened as House came to continue the kiss. He wanted to caress her soft cheek with his lips but she wanted passion. When their hands intertwined the sparks flew. 

There was no stopping it. They knew from that second, where this night was going.   It was to be a night of unbridled passion. 

Cuddy’s left hand moved towards the opening of his jacket, and began to take it off. When House felt this, they released their formally connected hands, so she could finish the job. House’s hands found their way down to the bottom of her shirt to lift it off of her. She raised her arms, only breaking the kiss for the split second the cotton passed her lips. House could now feel his hands on her bare skin. She was soft and warm.   Everything he remembered from twenty years ago, and more. 

Her hands gently undid his belt being sure her hands touched his zipper ever so lightly along the way. She pulled the belt completely off from each loop, and House was more turned on with every little pull. As her hands moved upwards to run her fingers through his soft salt and pepper hair, she felt the bandage on his neck. 

She broke the moment and said, “This needs to be cleaned up. You’re still bleeding very heavily.” 

Neither of them noticed at the time, but this was their first experience on balancing a personal relationship and work relationship. 

House didn’t want to stop because in the five minutes it would take to tend to his wound, he was scared she would come to her senses, and leave. He continued kissing her, moving his lips to her cheek, then to her neck. Each kiss more persuasive than the last. She grabbed his cheeks with her soft caressing hands, and brought his eyes to hers. 

“House, seriously,” she said with a little laugh in her voice. “I don’t want you getting light-headed on me now.” 

House gave a weak smile, which went unnoticed. To Cuddy, his eyes revealed his true feelings. She saw in his eyes that he knew he wasn’t alone anymore. 

He removed his shirt as he sat down on the toilet as she took off the gauze pad. “You know, some air might do this some good.  Why don’t I get a bath going?”

“No. I’m not putting this moment off any longer than I have to,” he said stubbornly, but playfully. 

“Did I say it was just for you?” she asked sarcastically offended. “I spent hours at the collapse too you know.”

“How selfish of me,” House responded. “I’d be happy to share.”

Cuddy smiled, and began to turn the water on. “I like bubbles in mine,” House said. Then, realizing how emasculating the statement sounded coughed loudly and lowered his voice trying to save it “I mean—“

She laughed. “I think it adds to the experience,” she responded seductively. By this time, she was purely in her underwear. She had not removed her bra, and gave a look to House insinuating that he was to finish what he started. He picked up on this and unhooked her black laced bra as he gave a forceful kiss. 

The bubble rose to the brim of the tub, and they stepped in. House first, sitting with his legs extended.   Cuddy followed, she put her knees on the outside his legs facing him. She began passionately kissing House. Her tongue lightly went across the backside of his teeth. He put his hands just above her butt and pulled her in to his body to feel her tender breasts against his chest. 

Cuddy her body upwards so that House’s head was now rubbing her neck. They now were connected together in the way that started their romance twenty years before.   Cuddy let out a soft moan, as she felt House’s tongue against her neck as he was kissing her. 

Then he stopped. Their eyes met and she gave him a curious stare. She had never seen him look at her this way before. To House, she was more beautiful, here, in this moment, than ever before, and it was something he wanted locked in his mind forever.